What are individuals who fit the Executive 4.0 profile looking for in today’s employment market? Where should organizations focus their efforts to attract and retain them? To find out, the Glasford International cooperative conducted a survey aimed at measuring the perceptions of high-performing executives.

The 348 respondents, located in 30 countries around the world, were asked to rank 40 statements related to attracting, retaining and developing the Executive 4.0.

“In a talent-war environment, it’s crucial to know more about what it takes not only to recruit the best candidates but also, and most importantly, to keep them motivated and optimize their contribution to your company’s success”, explains Guy Larivière, Chair of Glasford International’s Executive Committee and Partner of Glasford International Canada.

The survey results were presented in May in Warsaw, at a conference organized by the Glasford International Cooperative as well as Jadwiga Kuczkowska, Managing Partner of Glasford International Poland, and her team. “This initiative reflects Glasford International Cooperative’s desire both to contribute to our client’s organizations and candidate’s successes and to help advance best practices for executive recruitment globally,” adds Guy Larivière.

After the results were revealed by Glasford, they were discussed by a panel comprised of three Polish Executives working for International Organizations : Magdalena Nizik, General Manager, Consolidated Precision Products, Maciej Mierzejewski, Senior HR Manager, Beckman Coulter, and Maciej Mikucki, Chief Financial Officer, Provident Polska.

The top 5

Worldwide, here are the five elements mentioned most often by Executive 4.0 individuals as important for attracting and motivating them:

  • Having opportunities to implement their own ideas and influence business development/company strategies.
  • Being able to identify with the company’s mission, values and products/services.
  • Working in a positive atmosphere.
  • Having a compensation package that includes participation in the company’s profits and a stock options program.
  • Being offered opportunities to develop their competencies.

The recommendations

Based on the survey results, the Glasford International team has the following recommendations for organizations wanting to attract and retain Executive 4.0 individuals:

  • Allow these executives to implement their own ideas and contribute to developing company strategies.
  • Provide them with programs to develop their competencies and increase their efficiency.
  • Simplify processes and eliminate bureaucracy as much as possible.
  • Promote transparency.
  • Offer them competitive remuneration and reward programs.
  • Implement a policy for work/life balance.

To learn more about the results of this study and Glasford International’s services, contact Guy Larivière at g.lariviere@glasford.com.

About Glasford International

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