4th and 5th October 2018 – Milan, Italy

Glasford International Partners recently met in Milan, Italy, for the biannual meeting of Members and Associates. The Conference was preceded by a very successful client event on 3rd October, which included a Round Table discussion with senior Italian executives.

Following is the opening address of the Chairman of Glasford International, Alan Paul :

It is a pleasure to be chairing this historic meeting of Glasford International in the beautiful Italian city of Milan. And not for the last time over the coming days, I would like to thank our Italian partners, Massimo Quizielvu, Riccardo and Andrea Lamanna,  and their team, for the superb arrangements and for the choice of the excellent setting.

I use the word “historical” with good reason.

First, we are gathered here to mark the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Glasford. In this day and age, where changes occur with breathtaking speed, and some organizations rise and fall at the same pace, it is all the more remarkable that Glasford International is not only surviving but thriving.

Over the past 20 years, our industry has undergone enormous challenges. The way we conduct our business, and the expectations imposed on us by clients and candidates, have undergone a massive evolution, one might even say a revolution.

In order to stay at the forefront of this revolution, Glasford International has had to and will continue to have to, adapt and change. It is much to the credit of my BOD colleagues that they are generating new ideas and offering a vision for Glasford that will equip it to face the challenges ahead. David Buchberger (Business Development), Guy Larivière (Marketing) and Hélène Peingnez (Finance & Legal)  will be sharing their proposals and ideas with us over the next two days and encouraging what I am sure will be a vigorous and constructive discussion.

So that’s the first reason why this meeting is historical. It’s a celebration of 20 years of success and an occasion to look forward to even great success in the decades to come.

The second reason why this meeting is historical is that it is the first time for many years that we have a substantial participation from the Glasford International teams of Consultants and Researchers, both in this afternoon’s session and in the workshops that are being arranged tomorrow.

To the team members who are joining us for the first time, I say this: it’s difficult to overestimate the significance of your participation on this occasion. It marks the beginning of a new phase in collaboration within Glasford International, which aims to turn us into a more joined up and interactive organization, and I am sure that it will provide the basis for closer ties and even more productive cooperation at all levels. Your participation in this week’s Conference will, I hope, send a strong message to all of you: your views and ideas really matter. We greatly appreciate the contribution you are making to the success of the businesses of Glasford International partners, not only locally in your own countries, but also to the Glasford organization globally. I am very much looking forward to the reports of the workshops at the end of tomorrow’s session. This should be a great learning experience for all of us.

We have a busy schedule, so without further ado, I declare this session underway and let’s get started.

About Glasford International

Glasford International is a global (retained) executive search firm with offices throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South Americas. Established in 1998, we support clients in executive search and selection, leadership and personality assessments at an international, cross-border and local level.