Glasford International Partners recently met in Bangkok, Thailand, for the biannual meeting of Members & Associates. What follows is Chairman, Alan Paul’s opening address

“I’m delighted to be presiding over this, the first Glasford International Partners’ meeting in East Asia since the meeting in Shanghai in 2009. Given the importance of this part of the world, in terms of economic growth and potential, it can certainly be said the choice of an Asian venue for our meeting is long overdue. Our thanks go to Santi Campanella and his team for their support and advice in arranging the venue and facilities.

Since the London conference last September 2018, my BOD colleagues have been very busy working on the communication and operational strategy to make Glasford International the best executive search cooperation in the world. Our objective is to create a structure that is both robust and flexible and capable of accommodating the needs and aspirations of all Partners. It also aims to establish a set of values, a collective state of mind within our organization that is conducive to our working together closely, selflessly and productively – the essence of the cooperative spirit.

I have been impressed by the dedication, passion, enthusiasm, and conviction of my BOD colleagues. They have invested an enormous amount of time and effort in this endeavor. I do warmly commend the resulting ideas and proposals as providing a basis to a repositioning of Glasford International, to make it stronger and more effective, and to provide a viable way forward for all of us. There will be ample opportunity for open discussion over the next few days: everyone will have a chance to have their say and make their contribution. And I encourage you all to do so.

We must come up with new and creative ideas to ensure that Glasford International pursue its development and growth in Asia. We will make greater efforts to take advantage of the synergies and opportunities that exist between Glasford International in Asia, and Glasford International Partners in Europe and the Americas.

We have an exciting and thought-provoking agenda over the next couple of days and I am sure we are all looking forward some stimulating discussion and debate. It is my pleasure to declare this 51st Glasford International Conference open!”

About Glasford International

Glasford International is a global (retained) executive search firm with offices throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South Americas. Established in 1998, we support clients in executive search and selection, leadership and personality assessments at an international, cross-border and local level.