Glasford International Canadian Partners Guy LARIVIERE, Stéphane VINCENT and their team hosted 23 Glasford International Managing Partners from 18 Glasford International countries. The Conference and General Meeting was held on April 28th & 29th, in Montreal – Canada.

Client event

Glasford International Managing Partners had a working breakfast with Mr. Jean BÉLANGER, President of Premier Tech. Meetings were held with Ms Line LAMARRE, Senior VP Organizational Development, to discuss potential collaboration between Premier Tech and Glasford International in various countries.

Premier Tech is a diversified conglomerate and a global leader in Horticulture and Agriculture, Water Treatment and Packaging and Material Handling. It employs more than 3600 people in 24 countries and has an annual turnover of $ 800 million. In his inspiring and far-reaching presentation, Mr. Bélanger described the values and principles that have been the key to Premier Tech’s growth and development, and shared insights into the company’s corporate culture and its success in nurturing and encouraging innovation and leadership.

Jean Bélanger, COO Premier Tech

How Glasford International meets expectations of world leader firms

In welcoming Mr Bélanger, Alan Paul, the Chairman of Glasford international, noted that human capital management was one of the keys to Premier Tech’s global success, and spoke of the distinguishing features which make Glasford International a strong and reliable partner for Premier Tech throughout the world.

Jean Bélanger, COO Premier Tech

Alan Paul’s welcoming speech:

                  I am sure that I reflect the sentiments of all the partners of Glasford International in saying that we are very happy to be in Montreal, the vibrant heart of Québec and French culture in Canada. It is also an honour to welcome this morning our distinguished guests, Mr Jean Bélanger and Ms Line Lamarre. It is indeed a privilege to have this opportunity to get such a detailed and authoritative account of Premier Tech’s vision and strategy, and to understand more about their current and future recruitment needs.

Mr Bélanger is someone who recognizes and deeply understands the importance of human capital for the health and success of a growing global enterprise. This can be seen from the careful and far-sighted way in which he selects and nurtures is senior team. In this sense, his philosophy is the same as that of Glasford international. We are truly all kindred spirits.

Premier Tech is a diversified and dynamic organization that is already active in many overseas markets, including the most distant and difficult ones, where there is truly a “talent war” as companies compete to hire the best executives. This is the challenge we all face, and I am confident that the Partners of Glasford International have the full capacity to rise to challenge.

Glasford international has a history of over 20 years and is represented in more than 30 capitals and other important cities throughout the world. We offer our clients the assurance of a vision and a capability that is on a global scale, combined with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the local markets. Our consultants are deeply rooted in the local culture and possess extensive networks of contacts, built up over many years. This provides access to senior talent and market insights that are not available from the usual public sources.

What are the distinctive characteristics which separates Glasford International from our competitors?

  • I believe that first of all it is our passion in pursuit of excellence.
  • Secondly, it is our commitment to do everything necessary to obtain the best possible results and to make ourselves available 24/7 to our clients.
  • Thirdly, it is the assurance of a consistent, high quality service throughout our organization, in whatever country we are present.

This is because, in taking on an executive search project, each partner is absolutely determined to live up to the expectations not only of our clients, but also of the other partners of Glasford International, who are investing so much in the creation of our great global brand. This, then, is the reliable, bankable guarantee which we offer not only to Premier Tech, but to all our clients.                  

As a final word,

Guy Larivière, Managing Director of Glasford International Canada and Marketing Director of Glasford International, thanking Mr Bélanger and Ms Lamarre, said :

 Glasford International’s strength will continue to be in providing Premier Tech, as every similar global firms, with a unique ‘’boutique approach experience’’, while giving the organization access to a global network.

Glasford International’s commitment is to seize our clients’ strategic vision and to stand determined more than ever to provide them with the best executives who will share these values; executives who are recognised by their peers for their high achievements in their functions, fields of expertise and their leadership skills; and this throughout the world.

Glasford International is a dedicated brand ambassador, representing the core values of our clients for the pursuit of their global organizational development needs. 

About Glasford International

Glasford International is a global (retained) executive search firm with offices throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South Americas. Established in 1998, we support clients in executive search and selection, leadership and personality assessments at an international, cross-border and local level.