Glasford International Norway is headquartered in Oslo by Glasford International Coop. local Partner, specialist in Executive and serves a broad cross-section of clients, including listed companies, large industries and startups.

We believe that to secure a successful result we need an experienced, motivated and hard-working team. Our clients will verify that we have a proven record in identifying the best and motivated leaders in the market and specialists who “cannot be found” within the given time limit.

We are known to provide our clients and candidates with the highest executive service, and as a result we have a dedicated network that keeps us on the top of and in touch with the movements and happenings in the market” said JØrgen J. Mathiesen, founder and Managing Partner of Glasford International Norway.

Glasford International Norway team focused on recruitment for specialists, management and board level positions: 200+ positions have been successfully placed the last 5 years.

Sectors: IT / Technology / Industry / Finance & Insurance / Energy & Oil services / Shipping & Transportation.

Positions: C-level positions and Specialists, including Engineering, Sales, Financial, Administrative and Technical.

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Jorgen J. Mathiesen


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Jorgen J. Mathiesen