Since its inception in 1999, our Glasford International® Partner in Sweden, Talentia Executive, has honed a deep understanding of the elements that foster exceptional performance in businesses, management teams, and individuals. 

Over the past quarter-century, Talentia Executive partnered with a diverse array of clients—including Swedish and international venture capital firms, publicly traded companies, family offices, startups, owner-operated businesses, family enterprises, governmental bodies, and non-profits—helping them achieve transformative outcomes. Talentia Executive team is committed to continuing this impactful work. 

As a leading recruitment partner, advisor, and active investor in the recruitment technology sector based in Stockholm, Talentia Executive is dedicated to enabling organizations and individuals to effect real change. 

Refined over 25 years, the Talentia model™ integrates insights from over 1,000 C-level recruitments, 200 CEO placements, and countless individual assessments ; it  combines theoretical frameworks, methodological innovations, and data-driven insights to help businesses and individuals maximize their potential. 

Having assessed thousands of professionals, Talentia Executive understands the experiences and behaviors that underpin extraordinary leadership and execution abilities. 

Through the partnership with Glasford International®, Talentia Executive continues to set the standard in identifying and cultivating the highest levels of executive talent locally and internationally.” 

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