Our Glasford International Partner in USA, Frontrunner Executive Search, assists companies with fulfilling C-level and senior leadership needs and identifying especially tough-to-find technical experts. Frontrunner emphasizes quality, rather than quantity. Each search is highly customized, and our focus is on providing world-class candidates, most of whom are not actively looking for new opportunities. We find and engage people who make teams, and the people around them, better, and in doing so, improve organizations overall, regardless of the position.

Our ability to consistently and successfully complete searches for clients is due to our skill and talent to understand client organizations, their business, and the industry dynamics in which they operate, as well as our ability to present opportunities effectively to the right candidates and give attention to detail ensuring that search engagements stay on schedule. Frontrunner is an Equal Opportunity Employer dedicated to diversity and fair recruitment practices.

As Frontrunner’s founder’s background is rooted in 20 years of management consulting and strategy experience, our approach to executive search and recruitment is highly consultative, and each search is carefully customized to suit a given situation and environment. We consider the careful identification of clients’ organizational characteristics and individual candidates’ characteristics and cultural traits necessary to ensure successful recruitment that enables long-term growth and stability for our clients.

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