Glasford International Deutschland nominated as Headhunter of the Year

After another exciting year in the personnel services sector, the best Executive Search companies have been assessed to see which company has come out on top. The prestigous ‘Headhunter of the Year’ award is not just another ceremony: it provides an opportunity for national and international personnel consultancies in Germany to exhibit and understand the current trend and market indicators. Like in the previous year, consultants from all over the country came together the renowned Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich for the awards ceremony. 

The ceremony’s organizer, Experteer GmbH, describes the award as creating “an unique platform to acknowledge high standards of quality, showcase the industry’s forward thinkers and support innovations. The Headhunter of the Year award offers a chance to inspire, exchange ideas and innovation, learn from each other and establish new networks.” In the headhunting sector, to be the champion of one category is equivilant to winning a gold medal in the Olympics. We are therefore delighted to have been nominated for the category Executive Search.

In particular, the Leader’s Lounge, an all-day presentation marathon with renowned speakers, is a valuable forum for knowledge transfer within the market. According to two of the speakers, Robindro Ullah, Managing Director of tendence insitiut GmbH and Klaus Mantel, Managing Director of Experteer, the quality of the sector has obviously improved in the last year. Their presentation, which took place in the Palace Hall, about “Candidate Experience” underlined that candidates should feel that consultants go above and beyond in their support. The integrity of the companies was rated particularly positively. Similarily the high level of quality in personal contact, good advice and professionalism throughout the entire process was noted. For Glasford International, these findings are a confirmation of our overall approach. Glasford International Deutschland’s Managing Director, Ulrich Ritter expands on this further: “we attach great importance to precisely these aspects and regard them as a prerequisite for being able to operate successfully.” Since, according to the two experts, every second employee pays more attention to certifications, originality in offers is more important than ever. The market is becoming narrower as more and more consultancy firms are penetrating it. Ulrich Ritter says, “we have been reacting to this for a long time, by introducing further development programmes and certified aptitide diagnosticians in our team. This assures our clients, that we, as a service provider, meet the highest quality standards and can guarantee an objective assessment. Nevertheless, we will take this insight as an opportunity to have our high-quality approach recognized with the help of further certificates.”

The last lecture about Compensation & Benefits provided insights into how companies can offer candidates up-to-date incentives and lucrative offers – even with a limited budget. For Ulrich Ritter, this topic is clearly understood: “We advise our clients comprehensively on this topic. We show how top managers can be inspired by alternative, fresh ways of doing things.” The panel discussion within the Leader’s Lounge came to the conclusion that canididates in Germany today have an abundance of choice of which type of company they would like to be a part of. Therefore, companies are forced more than ever to consider new incentives for their top management.   

These valuable ideas and insights were followed by what we were all waiting for: the presentation of the awards. This year, the Headhunters of the Year were chosen by a top-class jury from the media, science and industry in the Festsaal-Ensemble in the Bayerischer Hof. After the exciting evening concluded, Ulrich Ritter describes our overall impression: “we congratulate wholeheartedly this years winners. Having made it into the Top 6 Executive Search consultancies and being nominated as Headhunter of the Year is proof of our efforts and our high-quality approach. We will continue to do everything we can to bring home the award next year.” I can only add that I agree wholeheartedly and am already looking forward to next year’s event in 2020. Let’s get to work!

About Glasford International

Glasford International is a global (retained) executive search firm with offices throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South Americas. Established in 1998, we support clients in executive search and selection, leadership and personality assessments at an international, cross-border and local level.