The definition of leadership has a long list of attributes complicated by diverse context and scenarios. In terms of enterprise leadership, the CEO is first and foremost a leader charged with responsibility to:

  • Establish a clear vision
  • Share the vision effectively with internal and external stakeholders
  • Realise the vision using experience and best practice methods while adjudicating on conflicting interests of all stakeholders

Implementing a CEO search  

Our consultants at Glasford International understand the significant impacts a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will have on an organisation’s success. Whether a CEO is selected internally or from the marketplace, we are singularly focused on developing a profile which matches the specific requirements and demands of our client.

Before initiating a CEO search, Glasford International consultants collaborate with the stakeholders to explore the readiness of the organisation for a CEO transition. Market position is one thing; perceptions shared by key stakeholders and stockholders are quite different aspects which will have a profound effect on the new leader. The track record and leadership style of the existing or previous CEO will also be an important co-relation. Our risk management advisory style anticipates the client’s future positioning and leadership needs.

The future CEO

In today’s fast moving capital markets and emergence of new economies, CEO come into their roles with higher performance expectations than ever before. Intense and immediate scrutiny from Boards, stockholders, regulators and social media demand so much more from the individual.

Traditional CEO responsibility is more complex than ever before; it is not simply about leadership but is an embodiment of acceptable professional and social values of today.

We know there is no substitute for experience when selecting the right CEO. It takes expertise, knowledge, intuition and sound judgment. Our consultants are subject matter experts in their field and are ideal collaborators to implement objective, results driven processes.

  • For twenty years, Glasford International Executive Search Consultants have executed CEO leadership searches for mid to large enterprises across EMEA, Americas and APAC.
  • Our consultants are highly experienced experts on the CEO selection process and assessment.
  • Our relationships with international business leaders and systematic industry mapping provides a comprehensive insight to markets which assists Boards to understand important issues surrounding CEO search and selection.

Glasford International Executive Search Consultants

Glasford International is a retained executive search company with the capability and capacity to undertake deep and broad market analysis: to find, approach and select the right CEO and deliver optimal results.

We do this through our substantial global network, our extensive range of contacts and our proven search expertise.

About Glasford International

Glasford International is a global (retained) executive search firm with offices throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South Americas. Established in 1998, we support clients in executive search and selection, leadership and personality assessments at an international, cross-border and local level.