The current situation leads us to different thoughts. It is a time when we look at many things in a new way – we appreciate more basic values such as health, family, safety, and work. Yes, having work is very important, and work itself is becoming again to be of great value.

The current unstable economic situation means also that some people are starting to be afraid: “What will it affect my workplace?“, Or: “What will happen to the company I work for?“, Or: “How will I manage on a reduced salary?

These are important questions for every employee, although you can reverse them and ask yourself: “What can I do differently? What more can I do or what new ideas can help my company survive this tough time?“, “What else can I learn quickly?“, “What can I or together with my colleagues come up with, create, implement, and run?”. This proactive thinking and creating new solutions can be done by all employees, not just by the managerial staff. These employees are those who more likely will see the best new opportunities and who create or co-create great new solutions or new products.

It is known that difficult situations often catalyze improvements and changes. Crisis situations are also an opportunity for active people. They are open to change, fast learners, creative, and looking for new solutions as well as open to feedback and cooperate effectively with others. People who can be the initiators and leaders of new ventures. Yes: LEADERS! Because to be a leader in any area does not require a managerial position.

So instead of worrying about your work, it’s worth thinking about what you can do to be more useful, using not only competences and experience but also or most of all your proactive attitude, ability to adjust to a new situation as well as the speed of learning and delivering new methods and tasks.

It is also worth remembering that this difficult situation is a time of verification, both for companies and people. We all have a great influence on how the future will look for ourselves and how it affects our on-going professional career – regardless of whether it will be in the present or another company.

Author: Jadwiga Kuczkowska, Managing Partner 

Glasford International® Poland

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